LTR Consulting proposes you a series of all-levels formations, helping you to decrease the ecological and social impacts of your enterprise but also consultancy in order to accompany you in the evaluation and/or conception of your digital solutions (web, mobile, …) by focusing on its eco-responsibility and its digital accessibility

Discover right below why LTR Consulting exists !

The IT and the ecology

Before the confinement, the IT field greenhouse was representing more or less 3,8% of the worldwide greenhouse emissions. This represents more than the aviation sector ! In view of the growing use of digital, if we do not change anything, the ADEME (Agency for the ecological transition) estimates that the greenhouse emissions of the IT field could double by 2025.

But that’s not all : since the IT entered our life, we notice a digital fracture becoming bigger and bigger. In other words, a non negligeable part of the population is unable to use digital services (due to the age, to a disability, …) and is then left out.

So, time to act right now !

The Sustainable IT

The goal of the IT qualified as “sustainable” is to reduce the ecological and the social footprint of the technologies of information and communication. More precisely, it aims at making converge the digital transformation of the enterprises with the needed ecological transition to limit the environmental and social impacts of the IT.

Everyone, regardless its profession, can adopt a series of actions to decrease its ecological footprint.

It could either be in the business lifecycle of the enterprise (impressions, workstations, …) than in its digital solutions (website, mobile applications, …). But there is so much that we can put in place, where to start?

This is where LTR Consulting comes in !

In the course of 2021, I will offer you a series of all-level training courses dedicated to sustainable IT as well as eco-design. These ones will learn you how, sometimes just by adopting small habits, you can decrease the ecological impact of your website even if you are not a big fan of IT 😉

I will also propose you a consultancy service, in order to evaluate the eco-responsibility and the social accessibility of your digital solutions.

In the meantime, follow me on the social media or check out my articles where I will share with you a series of sustainable advices regularly !

So, what’s next ?

If you would like to have more information or if you have any question, feel free to contact me here

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